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About Claire Corridan



  • Current Chairperson for the newly established Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association (IVBA)

  • Current PT Research Manager in Animal Welfare & Ethics at University College Dublin

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery from the University of Glasgow

  • Doctorate in Animal Behaviour & Welfare from the University of Lincoln

  • Level 3 Fear Free Practitioner

  • Foundation Practitioner in Veterinary Acupunture

  • Part- time lecturing in Animal Welfare Science, Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law, Universities of Lincoln and Edinburgh.

  • Post- Doctoral Researcher at the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin.

  • Honorary Secretary of the British Veterinary Behaviour Association for 6 years.

  • Board Member of the European College of Veterinary Clinical Ethology

  • Secretary of the Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association

  • Founder and Chair of the Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association

  • Author of a Children’s Book on the importance of welfare friendly handling in veterinary practice.

  • Currently commissioned to write a book on Human: Animal Bond Centred Veterinary Practice.

  • 23 years as a Veterinary Surgeon

  • 22 years seeing veterinary behavioural cases

  • Set up, ran and then sold a 1st opinion small animal and veterinary behavioural referral practice

"I have been immersed in veterinary medicine since the age of 12 when I started "seeing practice,"
spending every Saturday and most of my school holidays, with my local veterinary surgery. Early in   my veterinary degree at Glasgow, it became clear that I needed to be working in an animal welfare
role. Studying the behaviour of both animals and people has been hugely interesting and
rewarding. Making a real difference in the lives of both animals and their families is the very best
feeling in the world. I hope to continue achieving that in my varied roles as a clinician, academic,
lecturer and dedicated 'Pet Mum'."

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