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Do you need help with your pet?

Sometimes, some animals develop behavioural problems despite the best intentions of their owners. When those situations arise we are ideally placed to help!


- Find out the right questions to ask yourself & your family about selecting the right pet. - Get advice on where to go and who and what to ask when you get there? - Set ...
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Pre- Aquisition Advice


At GEVC we can help advise new or potential owners on how to select the right pet for them!

Training & Socialisation Classes

Our approach combines positive reinforcement, safety and fun!

Quality of Life Assessment


We will counsel you through the process of assessing your pet’s quality of life and deciding if, when or how, we ought to let them go.

Problem Behaviour Management


GEVC offer veterinary behavioural assessments for all species of companion animals.



At GEVC we can advise you on the products which we have tried and tested for safety, efficacy and durability.

Veterinary Acupuncture


GEVC can assess suitability and administer acupuncture treatments for your pet.




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The aim of GEVC is to provide the information, services and support that pet owners need in order to enjoy a healthy relationship with their pets.


Pets experiencing behavioural problems often do so because there is something lacking or stressful in their life or the environment in which they live. By identifying the areas which need to be modified the welfare of the pet can be enhanced and their relationship with their owner improved.


Pet owners experiencing problems with their pets’ behaviour are often distressed and embarrassed. Sometimes the problem can limit their ability to take their pet out and about; sometimes they fear for people visiting their home; sometimes there are financial consequences if the pet is destructive or damaging carpets, doors or furniture; sometimes they find themselves upset by or resenting the pet they acquired for love and companionship, resulting in guilt, stress and arguments at home.


At GEVC we understand the difficulties owning a pet with behavioural problems can create. We are here to help!


Our staff are qualified veterinary personnel with specific skills, training and experience in managing problem behaviours in companion animals.

Great Expectations Veterinary Consultancy is run by Dr Claire Corridan and established on completion of her PhD in Animal Behaviour & Welfare.

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Services available in person:

Republic of Ireland & Scotland

Virtual consultations available worldwide