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Providing referral level behavioural support for Irish pets

GEVC aims to provide the information, services and support to enable pet owners to enjoy a healthy and happy human: animal bond.

What do you do when a client presents an animal with problem behaviours?

Do you have the resources currently to manage these cases “in house?”


Would many of your clients enjoy a healthier, happier relationship with their pets if they were given reliable advice?

Are you constrained by:

  • A lack of time in your current busy clinic schedule

  • Lack of space to facilitate the extended appointments this requires

  • Clients failing to recognise they need help with either an anxious and/or aggressive pet

  • Clients basing their behavioural management on “Dr Google”

  • Finding reliable behaviour experts to refer to

  • Absence of counselling experience in managing complex, multi-dimensional psychiatric disorders which impact whole families rather than just the animals involved.

  • Having to euthanase often young and/or otherwise healthy animals

Now you can refer your clients to qualified veterinary personnel with the skills, training and experience in managing problem behaviours.

Hi I’m Dr Claire Corridan.

I set up Great Expectations Veterinary Consultancy in 2010 having completed my PhD in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Having worked as a first opinion veterinary clinician since 1999, I understand, first hand, the challenges posed from tackling behavioural problems in routine companion animal practices. I also set up and ran my own first opinion and behaviour referral clinic in Scotland for several years, so I understand the value of staff time and expertise too.


I relocated to Ireland post Brexit and pre- Covid, and I soon became aware of the logistical challenges of providing veterinary behavioural services here. I continue to learn- but equally I am keen to share my experience and knowledge with other veterinary clinicians and their veterinary nursing and administrative teams.


Now, when you are presented with a veterinary patient or their owner, struggling with problem behaviours, you know where to go.

We have seen dramatic changes in Barney's behaviour and health. After you left, we immediately changed the layout of the food, water, and litter trays and Barney stopped spraying the bin! He had all the scans and tests you recommended and has since been put on a prescription urinary S/O diet as he was developing crystals and at risk of kidney/bladder stones. This morning we watched him empty his bladder completely in the litter tray for the first time. There has been a huge reduction in the amount of spraying outside and I've even taught him to sheath his claws during cuddle time. He still has a few issues with anxiety that we are keeping an eye on, we still need to hear back about his bloodwork, and he still bullies Colonel Mustard but we are delighted with the changes we have seen in him and incredibly impressed with your service. 
Thank you so much for your insight and advice; it's changed our lives and Barney's too for the better!

Brí and Jason,
Co. Limerick

All you need to do is:

  • Refer your client to Great Expectations

  • We will schedule an assessment

  • We will document and share our behaviour modification plan


​We will also liaise with the referring clinician for any diagnostic or pharmaceutical interventions we would recommend.

Its a win for the pet, their family and your practice!

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